Meeting Summary 28 January 2015



10 members and 11 guests: another packed house.  A special welcome was extended to our newest members, Karla and Petros, by our VP Membership, Christoph.

This meeting shows again that the Business Club Toastmasters is a dynamic, quality educational venue for improving public speaking skills and leadership, with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for new comers and guests.


We enjoyed a full agenda, with 4 speeches.  Petros gave his first, Ice Breaker, speech, to introduce himself to the club.  Moritz stepped up to fill a vacant roll, to speak on the subject of body language.  Karla gave her first speech at the club, from an advanced speech manual.  Christoph also stepped in at the last minute to prepare and deliver another advanced speech.

Oral and Written Evaluations were given by Olaf, and Toastmaster guests, Iris, Charlotte, and Oleg.

Moritz managed Table Topics impromptu speaking.  There were 4 particpants practiced their impromptu speaking skills: Mirja, Chu Ping, Olaf, and Bala.


Ben presided as TME.  We always aim to learn and improve.  A number of points for improvement to work on for next time (summarized from our General Evaluation & other feedback) include:


  • The room acoustics at the SIL were ‘difficult’ for a meeting of our type.
  • The tables set in a class-room shape would have been better in a U shape.
  • Parking not easy for first time visitors.
  • Otherwise, the venue was friendly, welcoming, bright, and professional.

Sergeant at Arms

  • Name tags would have helped the many guests recognise members (the person who has them was unable to attend at late notice).
  • Evaluation slips: S@A can place them in advance on the tables,
  • Electronic evaluation tools: S@A could write the speakers’ emails up in advance up so as not to interrupt the meeting.
  • Word of the day – S@A or responsible member should attach the words to the wall or board before the meeting, or come with them ready to stick to the wall quickly and easily.
Meeting Execution
  • Evaluators should remember the etiquette of introducing a speaker: shake their hand in order to hand over the stage and then retake their seat.
  • TME: allow support roll holders to introduce their rolls.
  • Table Topics Evaluation – either have a TT evaluator, or have the General Evaluator do it.

As TME, Ben will finalise attendance, rolls, and close out the meeting in Easy Speak.


The club level competition for the International Speech Contest & Evaluation Contest take place on Wednesday 18th March.  Contact Ben or Claire to be a contestant.

Winners will go on to compete at the following events:

  • Area F4 contest -Saturday 18th April, Haus der Jugend, Deutscherrn Ufer 12, Frankfurt.
  • Division F contest – Saturday 2nd May, Mannheim.
  • District 95 Conference – Friday 21-Sunday 23 May, Boras, Sweden.
  • International Convention, 12-15 August, Las Vegas,


Two new members were introduced to the club, Karla and Petros.  In addition, member forms are being processed for Ivan, Chu Ping, & Iris.


4th February (TME : Asli), 18th February (TME roll still vacant.  Sign up please).

The venue for 4th February is the Ecos Office Centre, 6th floor, Mainzer Landstrasse 50, 60325, Frankfurt.

See you next week!  Your club president,



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