Meeting Summary 15th April 2015


“Two mice were eating a film reel.  One turned to the other and said “the film’s ok … but the book was better”.  Thanks for setting up a light mood with this great joke, Andrei.



19 members, fully 2/3rd of our membership.  4 guests.  1 new member.  A great turn out.  In fact, such a good meeting that 14 of 23 attendees went on to the Luftikus Restaurant for a relaxing social moment after the meeting.




Short, 5-7 minute prepared speeches were given by Jörg and Petros.  Speaking from the speech project manual, project 2 of 10, on how to structure a good speech.  We visited happiness, success, and the Dark Side (Astrophysics).

Every great performance has an even better performance inside it, waiting to get out.  Our structured process of oral and written feedback allows our speakers to take what they have, and make it better. Evaluations were given by Asli and Moritz.



Speaking off the cuff is a vital skill for those who want to feel and move at ease in the ebb and flow of society.  Our impromptu speaking ‘Table Topics’ session was run by Cezar, on the topic of Little Red Riding Hood.  There was nothing Grimm about the performances, 5 short 2 minute speeches by Martin, Dilek, Isabelle, Moritz, and Karla.  Well done Dilek for getting up for the second meeting in a row, as a brand new member.


We always aim to improve.  Our general meeting evaluation, and other points raised during the meeting included the following thoughts.  Amongst other good meeting elements:

  • Laminated signs on the door to show guests the way to go
  • Print out of the ‘word of the day’
  • Excellent ambition and courage shown by 5 impromptu speakers
  • Again a short break is excellent for deepening relationships through networking
  • The perfect grammar report, painting broad pictures of achievements and areas for improvement, and providing solutions via specific examples.

 Things to think about for next time:

  • Improve the position of the projector so it shows a bigger image.  E.g. place it on a table in the room centre.  Bring a power extension if necessary
  • Allow roll holders to describe their rolls. This is a type of impromptu speaking and good practice
  • Purchase a flip chart & holder, or obtain the stickable type

 New members

Our VP Membership, Christoph, took great pleasure in welcoming our newest member Dilek to the club.


In summary

Business Club Frankfurt Toastmasters allows business people, self employed, students, and home workers alike, to practice their speaking skills through a guided educational programme, with feedback and assistance, all in a fun small-club atmosphere.

Come as a guest for free, just drop us a mail, or simply turn up to the next meeting.  

Next Meetings

6th May, 20th May (regular meeting + club election/AGM), 3rd June, 17th June.

Saalbau Gallus Seminar Raum 4 or 5.


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