In my election pledge last May, when I stood for the roll of club president, I outlined my 3 objectives.

  • To grow membership to 28-35 members.  Today we stand at 30.
  • To implement a club website to face the public.  This is it.
  • To oversee the registration of the club as an eV – eingetragen Verein.

On 15th April, the hard work that our committee members Dominik & Barbara have put in, came to a conclusion.  At a Special Business Meeting, a majority of members were present, and voted unanimously to become an eV.

All that remains is for the application to be registered with the authorities.

My recognition and thanks go to Dominik, to Barbara, and to you members who cared enough and read through the documents in time for our Business Meeting, and all those who voted to take this progressive step forward.



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