Meeting Summary 2nd September 2015




“A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.” – William James


At our first meeting after the 4 outdoor meetings of the summer, we had a respectable 11 members and 4 guests.  Membership has held steady over the relaxed summer season, which is a good sign for the continued strength of the club.


In a slightly shorter meeting of 90 minutes, there were two speeches: Petros gave yet another mesmerising and spell-binding account of a subject that dominates his professional and private life – physics.  This time, the subject was time.  Mirja gave a timely educational session on impromptu speaking, or Table Topics.  The subject was so well chosen because our next meeting kicks off the competition season (Humorous speech & Impromptu speaking competitions).

Table Topics impromptu speaking – our guests Phani, & Tobias and members Martin & Eleonore spoke for 2 minutes on a topic provided by the TT moderator, Bertalan.

Evaluation leads to improvement.  Our speech and meeting evaluators today were Martin, Cezar, and Ben.


The meeting was run by Andrei, our TME (Toastmaster of the Evening).  He demo’d mastery as MC – Master of Ceremonies.  As each experience is an opportunity to improve for the next time, he showed us how to deal with issues that arose seamlessly and with panache.

As with all of our activities, we aim to improve.  The following points were observed to help us do so next time round.

The TME owns the meeting, and its success is due to her/him.  As such, make sure to direct the Sergeant at Arms to accomplish all tasks – feedback slips need to be put out, a box to collect feedback prepared, the Toastmasters sign goes on the venue door, and even fill the seating from the back, so the speaker has space for her ‘stage’.


Fall Competition Season (Humorous speech & Table topics).  

Club contest: 16 September, Frankfurt Saalbau Gallus
Area (Frankfurt) contest: 27 September
Division (SW Germany) contest: 10 October, Heidelberg

This is a special event, as Heidelberg Toastmasters Club will be celebrating its 55th anniversary.  Sign up here

District 95 European conference, Prague.


Please join our club Facebook site.  Bertalan is the administrator, and can give you more information if you wish to contact him by email via Facebook or via our Easy Speak site.


Request a speech via Easy Speak.  Your VP Education, Ben, will respond. Plan 2 to 3 months in advance.

Next meetings

16th September, 7th and 21st October.


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