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Business Club Frankfurt Toastmasters, in cooperation with our partner Oliver Grytzmann, Candid Rhetorics, is proud to offer our Toastmaster members and non-members the opportunity to participate in a workshop entitled “Presentations and the Storyteller: Of Pleasure & Pain…”

Where and When: Saalbau Nied, Club Raum 2 on Saturday, February 24, 2018

Available sessions: Morning session – 09:30 to 13:30 or afternoon session – 14:30 to 18:30
Cost: €35 for BCFT club members / €45 for non members

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Previous workshops

Where and When: Saturday 27th Jan 2018 at Saalbau Griesheim (google maps) will consist of max. 12 participants per group with a duration of 4 hours

Workshop information: Lego® Serious Play® meets Leadership 

Business Club Frankfurt Toastmasters, in cooperation with our partner Agnes Wigend (Multisensing) , is proud to offer our Toastmaster members and non-members the opportunity to participate in a “Lego® Serious Play® meets Leadership ” workshop.

“Don’t look with your eyes, look with your feet. Don’t think with your head, think with your hands” *Taiichi Ohno, father of the Toyota Production System.

When it comes to thinking (e.g. brain storming, strategy meetings,…) we mainly use our conscious mind. Did you know this represents only 5% of our cognitive activity (decisions, emotions, actions, behavior)? Indeed, 95% of our thinking power is located in our subconscious. Therefore, bypassing our conscious mind to unlock our subconscious potential is key to an increased thinking power. 

While Taiichi Ohno* was already on that track in the 50s (“think with your hands”), the play company LEGO® developed a methodology in 2010 to increase their own internal strategy meetings: Lego® Serious Play®. This methodology is all about breaking the 20/80 meeting dynamics by creating meetings where everyone is leaning in and contributing, while breaking habitual thinking. 

 Give your mind a hand!  

In this workshop you will get the chance to experience the Lego® Serious Play® methodology to brain-storm about the meaning of Leadership today/tomorrow.  

For this, you will be undertaking 3 construction levels:  

Levels 1 and 2 will be about 

  • building individual models 
  • sharing the story, reflecting 

The 3rd construction level will add 

  • making connections 
  • extracting simple guiding principles 

 What will you gain?  

Profound understanding about

  • how emotional engagement focuses attention 
  • the power of using metaphors 
  • spatial orientation and change of perspective 
  • unlocking the subconscious mind (imagination) 
  • enhancing better communication 
  • changing 20/80 meetings to 100/100 

and all that while having fun!

 About the trainer – Agnès Wiegand

Agnès is passionate about multisensorial interactions and the power of senses. She believes that in a world which is all about multi-tasking, multi-cultures, multi-jobs, multi-disciplines,… we are becoming more and more mono-sensorial. She is convinced that while losing the sense of our senses, the loss of emotions and general engagement increases. More depressions, more burnouts, more disengagement in companies are part of the result.  

This is why the leaders of tomorrow will need new skills to increase working engagement and help create a business work/life sense. “It is not just about balance anymore, it is beyond that!” 

 After working 20 years as a multisensorial market research consultant and researcher, Agnès got a wake-up call which changed her life. While dealing every day with the importance of the senses for an emotional consumer engagement, she had forgotten the importance of personal multisensorial engagement.  

I was really passionate about my job, fully engaged with my kids… but wouldn’t want to miss my burnout experienceThis experience opened my eyes to fully understand how our senses not only help us to engage with our outer world but also with ourselvesOver the years, I definitely had lost the sense of who I was, what I was doing and why...” 

 Today, as a multisensorial corporate consultant and personal coach, Agnès wishes to put the importance of the senses back at the center of all what we do (professionally and personally) for more passion in life. 


French, born but raised in France, USA, Belgium and South America, Agnès now lives and works in Germany. She holds a chemistry and marketing degree (from both France and Germany). Starting in the world of finance in the IT department of a bank, she then worked 20 years in multisensorial market research for big FMCG companies around the world. Her last position was VP Europe at Analysis GmbH (Sensanalysis). Over the years she passed several certifications to improve her coaching skills (e.g. Family & Conflict Consultant, Access Bars Practitioner) and recently passed a degree in psychotherapy (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie). She started her own business as a multisensorial corporate consultant and personal coach in 2017. 


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