Convince Every Audience of Your Ideas

We are your training audience: Practice your talk in front of us.

Calm your public speaking fears in our relaxed atmosphere.
Learn to communicate more authentically and honestly.
Even the most stubborn people will listen when you give feedback.
Develop the skills you need to progress faster in your career.
Learn how to confidently deal with your stage fright and present more confidently.
Meeting overview
Presentation during the meeting

This club is for you if …

it is difficult for you to convince people of your ideas.
you lack the self-confidence to speak in front of other people.
you are looking for a proven system to develop good speeches.
you are looking for an environment in which you can try yourself out.
you are looking for a cheap solution to improve your public speaking skills.

How will you benefit from us?

You will acquire public speaking skills mainly by practicing to speak, trial & error.
You can expect a friendly, appreciative & safe atmosphere.
You will practice prepared speeches, impromptu talk (speaking off the cuff, without prep time) and giving feedback.
You learn to deal with your nervousness and reduce your stage fright.
Feedback from experienced speakers will help you to improve.
You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to give a good speech.
You will develop into a self-confident and competent personality.
Speech during the meeting

This is what makes us different. Hear from our club members.

If you would like to improve your public speaking and leadership skills in a nurturing environment and having fun at the same time, this is the place to go!!


This is THE English-speaking club in Frankfurt to join to improve public speaking skills. It’s the usual friendly and relaxed Toastmasters environment.


Its a great place to network and meet people from very different backgrounds and it has helped my communication and leadership skills immensely.


The Business Club is a speaking club that offers much more than just speeches! Exchange with interesting personalities, lots of inspiration and opportunities to grow.


Environment is very friendly and open. – This Club has a good tradition in Public Speaking Contests. If you’re looking for a safe place to improve your public speaking skills, this is the place for you. 🙂


Excellent public speaking club in Frankfurt! […] The club is very welcoming to guests and has a friendly atmosphere to improve your public speaking skills.


• Toastmasters is a worldwide organization to practice public speaking, communication and leadership skills.
• This club was chartered in 2014 by experienced Toastmasters, who wanted to focus on a business angle of presentations.
• Since then, the club has developed into a normal community club with high standards.
• The club has been registered (in Vereinsregister) and certified as a non-profit organization by the German tax authorities.
• We speak English and we welcome guests.

How you can participate

• As a guest, you may participate twice for free. Then you decide whether you want to grow with us.
• With a membership fee of only 13 euros per month, you gain access to our extensive training program “Pathways” as well as entry into our family club life.
• At our club meetings, you choose one of different roles, e.g. Speaker, host, timekeeper or from several others.
• We meet at Saalbau Gallus, Frankenallee 111, 60326 Frankfurt am Main. That’s a five minutes’ walk from the Galluswarte S-Bahn station.